Privacy Policy

Canepa Asset Privacy Policy

We recommend the periodic verification of this Privacy Policy, as it is subject to eventual changes. In order to demonstrate Canepa Asset Management's commitment with the safety and privacy of information collected from user of our interactive services, we report here our policy.

You can visit our website to know more about the products in our management, read reports, get information and news, with no need to give us any information about yourself.

Our websites contain links for other external websites with content and privacy policy which are not responsibility of Canepa Asset Management. We do not have access to the information collected by cookies from websites directed by these links.

Whenever other organizations are contracted to provide support services, adequacy to our privacy standards will be required.

For administrative purposes, we may eventually use cookies, while the user is able to, whenever he/she wants, activate browser mechanisms to provide notification when they are activated or to prevent them being activated.

We hold the rights to collect and pass on browsing information and use of our websites for analysis through owned instruments and/or from third parties in order to improve the browsing experience of our websites.

Contact Channels are available for our users, for settlement of any doubts by customer service.

Cookies are simply data bits, small files which your browser captures in some websites and stores them on your hard drive. Through them, it is possible to know which pages you have visited, aiming for browsing optimization.

Our cookie does not store or register personal or confidential information, your hard drive data or your e-mail address. Through it, we can:

  • Simplify access to information you want, making your browsing easier.
  • Hide repeated messages For example: when accessing a publication with customer-restricted content, self-identification is required. This identification is stored in a cookie that is installed on your computer. Thus, said identification will not be required on the next access..
  • Customize pages according to your preference. If you want to be notified when a cookie is being installed or inhibit its installation, some resources are available to you on your browser. Mind, though, that you will lose the benefits above and that the changes will be applicable for any website of the Internet.